Canada being world’s second largest country in terms of area, the distances are very large which seams unreachable but at Prime International Courier and Cargo we provide service very easily being it any distance. We offer range of services, including courier services to Canada from India and Express Delivery Service to Canada. Prime International Courier and Cargo provides electronic pre – alert system with custom officials in destination countries, allowing most shipments to clear custom before the aircraft lands. We streamline processes by eliminating issues with multiple carrier bills. Courier being small or large we ship it for you. Fast and reliable transit times, fast deliveries and pickup. We provide door – to – door services for your conviency of customer.

 Whether you need to send highly classified documents, special, parcels, or any other items, we guarantee safe delivery of your items through our quality India to Canada courier service. We parcel almost everything for you, parcel size being large or small, heavy or light. For international courier service we provide Air freight and sea freight and Express Delivery Service to Canada. So as per requirement of customer we arrange service. Our professionally trained workers work 24 hours so your parcels reach desired location in specified time.

Express Delivery Service to Canada