Do you charge for waiting time?

Yes. We do charge if the driver has to wait while pickup or delivery, depending on service you have requested. For more information, get in touch with our customer care executive.

Can I get shipping report?

Yes, on request we can deliver to you weekly or daily activity report. For further assistance contact our customer care executive.

What time do you deliver the couriers?

Lakhani Express is a 24 hours delivery service. We offer solutions to your same day courier shipping needs. We work 24*7 for your convience.

Can I use credit card for payment of shipment?

Yes, you can use any major credit card as payment.

What type of services do you provide in courier service?

We design coverage as per the requirement of customer. The service choices are up to you and your company’s requirement. For more details contact our customer care executives.

Do you provide insurance for shipments??

Depending on your package and services you have opt for we provide insurance.

Is my package insured?

Yes, we have declared this at the time of selection of package.

If I have an urgent delivery requirement, can you send pickup right away?

Yes, we can send pickup right away when urgent delivery is requested. Additional charges may be applies for that.

What happens if I provide wrong address?

If you provide wrong address we will contact you or you can contact us and re direct the delivery. If there is no response, the shipment will be returned to the customer.

How can I get proof of delivery (POD)?

If POD is not available online please get in contact with our customer care executives.

To which destination can I ship?

We ship your consignments domestic as well as international destinations. For customized courier and more details contact our customer care executive.

What happens after I have placed a booking?

After you have placed a booking, the consignment will be automatically posted to the selected carrier.

Does your company offer air and ocean freight services?

Yes, we do provide air and ocean freight services.

How can I contact for your courier services?

You can contact by calling our customer care executive or by sending email to us.

Do you have list of products that cannot be sent?

Yes. Contact our customer care executive to check our prohibited goods.

Which payment options are available for the services I have availed?

We accept credit/debit cards, bank transfer, cheque and cash.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, Expenses only related to your shipment are charged, which are declared to you.

When will your team collect my shipment?

Collection can be at any time during the day. If you have specified the time, courier will be collected accordingly.

How do I know if my consignments are safe and properly packed?

We take proper care of your consignment, we use three layered cardboard for packaging. We make sure that the shipments are packed in such a way that they are shock resistant.

Do you provide insurance for shipments?

Yes. We offer insurance as per requirement and package you have selected.

Do I need to return the damaged shipment for which I want to submit the claim?

Yes. The insurance company may need the shipment for inspection. Also make sure you have preserved its original packing.

How can I submit a claim for lost or damage goods?

All claims must be sent by mail. Claims sent directly cannot be processed.

In which situation I can file a claim?

In the case of damaged shipment delivered, you need to mention the damaged state of the consignment. If a shipment is received in good condition, it is not possible to submit a claim. For more details contact our customer service executives.

How is delivery time calculated?

  • Delivery time is estimated depending on following factors:
  • Product(s) Selected
  • The destination pincode
  • Seller location.
  • Time is calculated based on historical data. Delivery timelines might vary in a few cases depending on above mentioned factors.


Do you provide free pick-up?

Yes. We do provide free pick up services.

Are in-transit products insured?

Yes. We do charge if the driver has to wait while pickup or delivery, depending on service you have requested. For more information, get in touch with our customer care executive.

Can I modify my delivery address?

Yes, you can modify delivery address. But for limited time, if time limit exceeds than you will have to cancel and re apply for services with correct address. For more details call our customer care executive, proper guidance will be provided.

What to do if the parcel is delivered to wrong person?

In such case contact our customer care executive.

There is complain from customer that he never received the package, please help.

We have a written records of every collection and delivery, so there is proof of delivery. For further assistance call our customer care executives.

Can you deliver package within 24hours?

Yes. If you need to deliver ASAP we are here to help you and will get your job done.